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What You Want to Know About Eco-Friendly Austin Roofing

August 16th, 2012

The Complaint Traditional roofing if, obviously, made to be waterproof. As they push the water to the edge, where it is collected and drained, they allow it to collect the harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process. When one pauses to consider how many birds and other critters spend time on roofs, he must also admit concern about the amount of contamination coming from animal waste. Much of the water washing off of the many millions of homes around this county finds its way into public drinking water supplies.

So, when one speaks about ‘green’ roofing in Austin, Texas,, he is not, necessarily, just concerned with how much recycled material is used in the manufacturing or how easy it is to properly disposed of when no longer adequate as roofing, but also about how it treats the earth during its lifespan. After all, roof space covers up to thirty-five percent of this country’s land area.

Salvaged Slate Tiles: With the same long-lasting lifespan as traditional slate shingles, these salvaged pieces require much less energy expenditure in the process of getting them to the customer because the mining and some of the transportation is cut out. Rain water runs over the tiles, which can last up to one hundred years with very little maintenance, just as it would over the rock in nature.

Metal Roofing: A fantastic choice in green roofing, metal provides a fully recyclable option and will not require replacement for up to fifty years, if well cared for. When it is time for a new roof, however, the metal can be recycled and waste is kept to a minimum. Furthermore, many individuals use collection systems to capture the rain water flowing over the metal surface. Without concern of contamination, the water can be used for garden watering and many other purposes.

Recycled Shingles: Though water flow is still a concern, recycled shingles are an affordable and very eco-friendly option for those who want to do their part and help the environment. They cut down on overall waste by reusing the materials such as rubber, plastic, and even wood fiber. The great part is that the homeowner gets the same great look that he would expect from traditional shingles, but can also rest a little easier knowing that he has done a little extra to protect the world for coming generations. Plus, many of these products come with warranties of up to twenty-, thirty-, or even fifty years.

Rubber Membrane Roofing: Though this may seem an odd choice when looking for an eco-friendly option, but in many urban areas, these roofs are being welcomed by nature lovers as they provide the perfect base for rooftop gardens. The plant life found atop these city high-rises allows for increased oxygen production, helps to prevent the ‘heat island effect’ (the tendency of highly populated areas to be as much as ten degrees warmer than rural areas), and give residents an area to enjoy. Though this type of roof will not work for every building, flattop buildings in need of roof repair should consider this green option.

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