Plagiarized essay, why is it a problem?

May 17th, 2018

Plagiarized essay, why is it a problem?

There are numerous plagiarized essays that are detected every single day. These are the essays made by students who are trying to trick their teachers. Most plagiarized essays are usually detected by plagiarism software used by schools. As a result, there are students who receive a failing remark after passing an essay that is copied from other people’s work. Students passing a plagiarized essay are a serious problem for the teacher and the entire school.

Why is it a problem?

1. Affects the grade of students: A plagiarized essay is a serious problem for the school. It significantly impacts the grades of students who should have been doing well in schools. Students caught passing a plagiarized essay receives a failing remark. There are teachers who fail the student in their class due to a plagiarized essay. Students will have to either repeat the subject or given another project to pass the subject.

2. Shows unethical behavior: Plagiarism is a serious problem at school or organization. This means that when a student submits their plagiarized paper, they are committing an unethical activity at the school. A student who passes their plagiarized work indicates that they are showing an unethical behavior towards the subject. In the same manner, the student’s behavior reveals an unethical treatment to the teacher. This is because the essence of respect is not applied by the student to their teacher.

3. Degrades the image of school: Every school does not want to have students in plagiarism-related incidents. The school’s image is degraded whenever some of their students submit plagiarized works. This means that the school is not doing enough to discipline their students. Each violation causes negative criticisms against the school for failing to control illegal activities made by students. Future students may no longer decide to enroll in that affected academic institution.

4. A student may face legal charges: Authors who discover that their original works have been copied sues the perpetrator. There are some students who faced legal charges by original authors because their work has been copied. This is a serious problem because the student can already have a criminal record in the police department. As a result, their employment in the future could be affected because they already have a criminal record in the community.


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